Vertex was founded in 1916 by Claude Lyons. He was born in London in 1885 and by the age of 17 he had started working in the watch trade. He was bright, and quite ingenious, he quickly built up a most excellent reputation in the watch trade. He set up the Dreadnaught Watches in 1906 with a £1000 loan from his father-in-law and had paid it back within the year.


Claude Lyons borrows £1,000 from his father-in-law, Mr Mayer a sets up the Vertex Watch Company, specialising in Swiss movements re-cased in Britain.


Vertex produces watches for the British Military during WW1.


Vertex Watches Ltd is founded both in London at 37 & 38 Hatton Gardens and in Switzerland at 133, Rue de la Paix in La Chaux de Fonds.


Aureole starts producing complete watches for Vertex and movements for the Platinum Ladies watch range.


Vertex becomes the exclusive importer of Movado watches to the UK.


Begins working with Revue Thommen on a range of steel ‘All Proof’ watches.


Henry Lazarus, Claude’s son-in-law, Joins Vertex.


Vertex’s Hatton Garden factory and showrooms are destroyed by enemy action.


Henry, now a Captain in the British army, with his unique understanding of the Swiss watch industry, is asked to help with procurement of watches for the British Military.


Navigation watch specs received and production starts in Switzerland across 4 factories.


Vertex starts production of the Cal 59 W.W.W. Nav watch.


4652 W.W.W. Cal 59s are delivered during the preparations for D-Day.


Vertex are commissioned to produce a mono-pusher ordnance timing watch, but due to post-war rationing, the watch is never produced.


Vertex becomes the exclusive importer of Thommen manufactured watches to the UK.


For over 50 years the Vertex Clock keeps time at Hatton Garden.


Vertex starts co-branded watches as Vertex Revue in order to capitalise on both Vertex and Thommen Revue’s reputation.


Vertex launches a range of diving and sports watches with a unique inlaid luminova.


After pressure from the emergence of the new quartz watch revolution and the expiring of Vertex’s lease in Hatton Garden, Henry closes the company.

The Resurrection

100 years since Claude Lyons started the company, Vertex is re-incorporated by his great-grandson, Don Cochrane, marking the return of this historic company and the start of a new era of watches.


100 years since Claude Lyons started the company, Vertex is re-incorporated by his Great Grandson, Don Cochrane.


Vertex announces the Vertex M100. The first new Vertex for 45 years, based on the cal59 from WW2.


Vertex Re-Launch at Aspley House, home of the Duke of Wellington, in London.


Vertex full-page print adverts wins SILVER for ‘Best Art Direction’ and BRONZE for ‘Best Writing’ at Creative Circle awards.


To mark our first birthday and following popular demand, a limited edition DLC version of the M100 is made available.


Taking inspiration from the 1945 timing watch, the MP45 and MP45B join Vertex’s line up.

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